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Location: Coral Springs, Florida, United States
Ambassador: Ambassador eevansx Email Ambassador
Created: Feb 21, 2012
Members: 141
Allows: All ages, All people
Description: A group/forum for ALL nudists to meet and discuss issues relating to hair removal. Share your stories, successes, failures, questions and concerns. Meet other nudists who shave or are curious about the advantages/disadvantages of hair removal.

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We all shave, that why we are here
We all shave, that why we are here
i too skype: onanist99
Im shaved
lets friend in skype
add me for camand chat ,my id is: intercetto.RE
Thought I would join this group I dry shave moisterize and use hair removel cream it works for me
This group is almost as complicated as Facebook. lol I live in Clearwater during the winter and would love to go to go to Playalinda. Is it warm during the winter? Now in northern Minnesota and finding tons of guys to hang with. In Brainerd?
Ambassador eevansx02-MAY-14
P.S. I've blown off Facebook -- too many viruses & hacks!!!
Ambassador eevansx02-MAY-14
Well, it is Spring!
Shed that fur and let's head to Haulover Beach (or whatever your preferred public/private strip-off place happens to be!)
We need celebrate our freedom in this new season!
Ambassador eevansx29-FEB-12
To anyone who wishes to friend me on Facebook
Ambassador eevansx29-FEB-12
For all of you in or coming to Florida:

Sawmill Campgrounds
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