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Location: Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Ambassador: Ambassador PeterKa Email Ambassador
Created: Apr 18, 2011
Members: 519
Price: Free
Allows: All ages, All people
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My first time was posing for my moms art class . I be came very popular that day.
First expierence was by accident went out on girls night out had afew drinks to many and friends dared me to enter strip get up on stage and enter amature strip contest
Thanks for accept me. Sorry, I don't know to speak well english but I like the nudity.
First nudist experience at Parson's Pleasure, Oxtord Male only) Then on to secluded spaces, such as some of my gardens, over the years, and trips to Spain, France and Corfu and nudist beaches in UK. Never felt embarassed in mixed company. Now 24/7
Had A fews hrs out in local fields and woods last week it was almost 70F and wonderful to walk shoes only. Damn it's only 40F today and a biting wind so I'm indoors in my skin!
So had a warm day the other day so did some work outside nude. It was great feeling the sun on my bare skin. Also just got back from Hawaii and did sunburn my butt some LOL
Just walked from my apartment to a neighbour's to fix her clock wearing nothing but a smile! She appreciated I didn't bother to dress!
so at the gym they want you to take a cleansing shower before going to the pool. well I "forgot" suit. what a rush first opening the door and stepping out in the open naked. And then walked to the far end of the pool like I did not no...
when on vacation with friends came out of the shaower nakked thinking noone was there with a towel over head to dry hair. Was surprised to see them standing there. I received a round of applaues ha ha
What a great group keep up the good work.
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