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By rmatthews64 on SEP 20
This month has been so busy I have not had a chance to go anywhere and the weather is starting to turn to cold. I am bumming :(


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By circnudist on SEP 14
Ladies, any comments?


By newtjmz on SEP 11
I love to be nude on my nature walks.

Some times I meet other people. Some with clothes and some without. Men and Women. I enjoy being nude around other people. I don't care whether I'm the only nude person there or not.

I love chatting with both sexes.

I also enjoy shearing my towel with others.


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By circnudist on SEP 05
Ladies, Check out my profile and photos!


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By Incantrix on AUG 29
The sun is Shinning, its a beautiful day to be out about
naked and natural. the Winter has closed and Spring is but a day away. I walked around the garden pondering all that needed to be done. After the cold snap I could see there was plenty.
I sat down with a cool drink, and let the sun shine down on me, no breeze to speak of, it was still and quiet. My body relished the feeling of warmth  more...


By dale03 on AUG 27
There's got to be more to this than just walking around naked.


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By franky1971 on AUG 27
Something like that happened to me today. I needed to drive a view hundred kilometers today. When I have such rides. I find it really annoying that my jeans always creeps up and my crotch touches the pinch. Today I no longer needed by the office and I could drive straight home. So I decided just to keep my shirt on and to pull off my pants and boxers. The biggest problem was that I am quite an ex  more...


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By Jnudiste on AUG 24
j ai une Webcam ip qui diffuse 24h/24h ma totale nudite dans mon salon/cuisine toute l annee.
Mon lien : puis tu cliques sur webcams adultes puis sur mon pseudo : jnudiste
Oui, je suis totalement Nu de la T?te aux Pieds durant des heures tous les jours.
Observe moi, regarde moi encore et encore, j adore etre Vu Nu.
En me regardan  more...


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By chrispy2000 on AUG 21
What do you do when you first arrive on a nudist beach?

I strip naked at the first opportunity and walk along to find a suitable place to lie down. I drop my towel and stuff and walk on to see who else is around before returning to my place. That way other people know I am there. If warm I take a swim too


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By Darknight on AUG 10
I just ordered the rest of the parts needed to build a PVC greenhouse. I already have some translucent (milky) plastic sheeting that I will be covering it with. Thats important, because I live around a lot of non-nudists, and I plan to be nude in my greenhouse. By having the milky type plastic sheeting, I can be nude in there, and get some sun, without my neighbors seeing anything.

Its no  more...

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