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By MelissaMe on NOV 21
Hi, I recently joined so I said what the heck, I will do a blog too. A little while ago I met my neighbors and they got me and my daughter into nudism. Best thing I ever did. Love the social way of this lifestyle and looking forward to living this way. I do not go naked all of the time at home yet but getting there. We will get there eventually and I will keep you all updated on our progress.  more...


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By nakedtoad on NOV 19
Tell me what you think people. Personally, I feel it's his right to get his panties in bunch and pull his kid from school. It's the teachers right to wear her pendant.

Now we can all get on with promoting liberty for all. Who's with me?


By Torresf on NOV 16
Hi, I am a new user, I hope to find lot of friends in here. this is a new experience for me. so i hope you will add me as ur friends. Every one are welcome.


By nudistlife9 on NOV 07
As a nudist and choosing to be one i love the freedom of feeling the sun on my body the warmth on a nudist beach laying on the sand.Nudist to me is being around other nudist groups that may meet at times on a vacation at a nudist resort that looks out on the beachy sand that others share with.See being a nudist is a life style you enjoy not about sex but a life style.I enjoy not having to wear clo  more...


By WhitestarUK on NOV 04
well its November now and had 2 days of rain, im spending us much time walking around the house as i can without clothes and only getting dressed to go out to work or out socially. I miss the warm weather and bathing on the beach and swimming in the sea,and am considering joining a hiking group if there's any local to me for walks in the meantime (weather permitting) until spring is here. ( i  more...


By JennyNude4Life on NOV 03
Hello fellow nudist neighbors! I'm 25-yr old single, bisexual, woman. Born/raised 3rd generation naturist family. I appreciated and loved the way I was raised and I believe my family's lifestyle provided me with an excellent childhood and allowed me to become the person I am today.

I'm caring, open-minded, considerate, and respectful of everyone... that is until you give me a reason to be  more...


By damsan on OCT 30
This is the first


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By seymourhiknee on OCT 30
I'm a stay at home nudist and I enjoy living in a clothes-free environment ay home


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By Sunlover1945 on OCT 28
Just checking this out to see how it works.

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