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By nudedude1985 on AUG 12


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By Darknight on AUG 10
I just ordered the rest of the parts needed to build a PVC greenhouse. I already have some translucent (milky) plastic sheeting that I will be covering it with. Thats important, because I live around a lot of non-nudists, and I plan to be nude in my greenhouse. By having the milky type plastic sheeting, I can be nude in there, and get some sun, without my neighbors seeing anything.

Its no  more...


By rmatthews64 on AUG 10
Had a great time at Turtle Lake Resort.
Attended a nude Fashion show and got some raffle tickets to help two people at Turtle Lake battling cancer... May go to the MusicFest in a couple of weeks.


By rmatthews64 on AUG 08
Heading to Turtle-Lake Resort for mostly likely my last visit of the summer. Hopefully will meet a few people from this site


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By nudeshuguy2014 on AUG 08
I sometimes like to descretely play with myself while I am at the nude beach and then walk around for a bit with a half mast erection. Maybe , I do it for attention or because it feels good. I am most certainly not trying to be perverted, but sometimes have a difficulties resisting the urge ;) I have conflicting thoughts :)

What do you think?


By toweringlaguna on AUG 07
Brittas Bay south naturist area closed for swimmimg due to high amount of bacteria in water for next no of days.


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By JohnE44 on AUG 04
just stoped in to say hi to all i enjoy going nude its fun and relaxing


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By wizard1 on AUG 02
What is a blog? what good does it serve? I had rather email each friend directly. What's the deal?


By JBnOhio on AUG 01
We're looking for people to join our new non-landed naturists club in Dayton, OH. See If interested send email to

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