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By Smoothie on JAN 18
With this being a site for nudists, I can never understand why there are so many people with some sort of clothing on in their photos.
Also cannot understand those that have no photo at all on their Profile! Very difficult to accept 'friendship' from someone you can't see!


By sinudeo on DEC 30
In an in depth study, one reporter frequented nudist beaches/resorts (bringing a partner of the opposite sex at "couples only" venues). She also joined numerous nudist websites. The reason, to see if it really was a misconception that most naturists had kiddy fetishes. What she discovered shocked her to the very core.
<br> For at those venues, she found adults salivating as the  more...


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By free2bare on DEC 20
I have posted some new photos on my profile, and got rid of some old. Just wondering what you think of them. Took them with my phone mounted on a tripod with a new mounting system I just bought. You probably already know about them, but I just found it. Then loaded them on my computer. I am a complete computer novice and have been experimenting. Subject is me , not some beautiful woman or girl wit  more...


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By free2bare on NOV 29
It has been a while since I last wrote a blog. With the nice weather now upon us in Melbourne, it finally feels nice to be able to get out in the garden with nothing on again. Have missed being nude outside so much. This time of year is just made for getting around naked. The moment I'm home - the clothes come off and stay off. Looking forward to hitting the beach this summer, just working on get  more...


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By AlphaR on NOV 25
I really don't have much experience but am very interested in nudism. I'd like to find a friend/s who are practicing nudes and who are easy to hang out with, hold a decent conversation and can share a smile. I live in Cypress, West of 249, hope to hear from someone. see ya


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By nakedtoad on NOV 19
Tell me what you think people. Personally, I feel it's his right to get his panties in bunch and pull his kid from school. It's the teachers right to wear her pendant.
<br>Now we can all get on with promoting liberty for all. Who's with me?
<br>  more...


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By WhitestarUK on NOV 04
well its November now and had 2 days of rain, im spending us much time walking around the house as i can without clothes and only getting dressed to go out to work or out socially. I miss the warm weather and bathing on the beach and swimming in the sea,and am considering joining a hiking group if there's any local to me for walks in the meantime (weather permitting) until spring is here. ( i  more...


By JennyNude4Life on NOV 03
Hello fellow nudist neighbors! I'm 25-yr old single, bisexual, woman. Born/raised 3rd generation naturist family. I appreciated and loved the way I was raised and I believe my family's lifestyle provided me with an excellent childhood and allowed me to become the person I am today.
<br>I'm caring, open-minded, considerate, and respectful of everyone... that is until you gi  more...


By damsan on OCT 30
This is the first

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