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By liebesonkel on DEC 17
sch?nes Handtuch


By meagain74 on DEC 17
After Many Attempts To Keep A Profile with Out It Being Deleted I am staring Over will not Show Nudes Meaning All of Me Nude but will to special friends The one you see here is the main profile photo ,I am wearing elastic stockings for my circulation I thank you for reading this if your interested in writing please do so at I will answer On a second note if your in  more...


By Schniedelwutz on DEC 16
Hi, I'm John, also known online as Charlie Vike. I'm a lawyer and a nudist living and working in Duluth. I'm married but interested in branching out a little, if you know what I mean.

Visit my work URL if you would like to know more.


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By skullsquadran on DEC 07

Are you looking for that freedom?

Some define this as follow:

'Financial success is the ability to live for the remainder of your life without outside help, working if you choose, but doing so only if you desire.
It is the ability to have the things you want and need, despite any occurrence other than the most catastrophic o  more...


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By free2bare on NOV 29
It has been a while since I last wrote a blog. With the nice weather now upon us in Melbourne, it finally feels nice to be able to get out in the garden with nothing on again. Have missed being nude outside so much. This time of year is just made for getting around naked. The moment I'm home - the clothes come off and stay off. Looking forward to hitting the beach this summer, just working on get  more...


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By AlphaR on NOV 25
I really don't have much experience but am very interested in nudism. I'd like to find a friend/s who are practicing nudes and who are easy to hang out with, hold a decent conversation and can share a smile. I live in Cypress, West of 249, hope to hear from someone. see ya


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By nakedtoad on NOV 19
Tell me what you think people. Personally, I feel it's his right to get his panties in bunch and pull his kid from school. It's the teachers right to wear her pendant.

Now we can all get on with promoting liberty for all. Who's with me?


By nudistlife9 on NOV 07
As a nudist and choosing to be one i love the freedom of feeling the sun on my body the warmth on a nudist beach laying on the sand.Nudist to me is being around other nudist groups that may meet at times on a vacation at a nudist resort that looks out on the beachy sand that others share with.See being a nudist is a life style you enjoy not about sex but a life style.I enjoy not having to wear clo  more...

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