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By Pensacolanude on SEP 26
My gal and I are headed to a friends house for the weekend with 5 other couples for a great weekend of naked fun. All trimmed and lotioned up! Can't wait.


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By nakited2000 on SEP 25
i love doing things in the nude as much as i can do it
and be with other nude people too


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By Hastings5 on SEP 24
Just asking may seem strange but when I am at home or on my naturist beach I wear nothing on my feet . Noticed quite a few naturists wear footwear maybe because of shingle or rocks but I just like to be barefoot any other naturists like this .


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By NudeNotaPrude on SEP 23
My nudism goes back to when I was 6 years old that I remember. My family went on vacation on the beach of Lake Huron in Northern Michigan. It was the typical swim and play all day in my trunks, eat meals in my trunks, well you know what I’m talking about. The second day was the same except that night we were romping on the beach, there was NO moon and my folks said that we were going skinny-d  more...


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By Pensacolanude on SEP 23
Let's party


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By Pensacolanude on SEP 23
I'm brand new to the nudist thing. On a whim went to Hedo last February and had the time of my life. Loved being nude with and in front of others. Guess I'm kind of an exhibitionist. I'm trying to get a group together here in Pensacola for get togethers from time to time. Anyone that's interested give me a shout.


By rmatthews64 on SEP 20
This month has been so busy I have not had a chance to go anywhere and the weather is starting to turn to cold. I am bumming :(


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By circnudist on SEP 14
Ladies, any comments?


By newtjmz on SEP 11
I love to be nude on my nature walks.

Some times I meet other people. Some with clothes and some without. Men and Women. I enjoy being nude around other people. I don't care whether I'm the only nude person there or not.

I love chatting with both sexes.

I also enjoy shearing my towel with others.

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