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By happynudd on APR 21
I have always been a closet nudist but in 2013 I went to my first nude beach. I had to look around twice to make sure it was ok to take my trunks off! Ha Ha. I don't know fully I will embrace the lifestyle, but I did enjoy myself.


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By smoothnuddy on APR 21
hi everyone hope your having fun im interested in living with a nudist family anywhere around Australia Id like enjoy life around happy and nice openminded people im handy at house dutys and fixing things im clean and tidy man im a hard worker have full-time job pay my way very easy if so thanks for taking your time read my blog have great day mates .contact ant 0413696891


By nudistboy2002 on APR 18
I and my father shared a incest bond for a long time and I loved it very any other nudist been in incest relation like me and what is their pick on this?


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By icaryx on APR 18
It has been a long and harsh winter here in the N.E. USA. In this kind of moderating climate just about anything can occur weather wise, and usually does. From extreme cold in the winter to extreme hot in the summer and everything in between; which is why I think its referred to as 'weather' cause you never know whether the next day will bring flooding, or maybe a drought... but given a choice I  more...


By mollarx on APR 18
we share same ...


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By nackedei on APR 17
Heute bin ich wieder splitternackt am PC und pflage meine Nacktauftritte im Web.


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By nackedei on APR 17
Heute hatte ich nach meinem Nacktfruehstueck nich so viel Gelegenheit, nackt zu sein, da mein Rasen gemaeht und gelueftet werden musste. Die Geraetschafte dafuer stellte ich aber noch nackt vor die Tuer. Da stand ploetzlich meine Nachbarin auf der Strasse. Ich hoffe, sie hat es genossen.


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By nackedei on APR 15
Heute habe ich wieder nackt gefruehstueckt. Dann musste ich aber in meine Klamotten steigen, um Besorgungen in der Stadt zu erledigen. Wieder zu Hause angekommen, machte ich mich sofort wieder nackig und begann wieder meine Nacktauftritte im Web zu pflagen.


By lainham3 on APR 15
Please note - I only accept friendship requests from those close enough to meet at my house in person. Near Nuneaton in the West Midlands of UK.

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